Italia 90 Alien Buster Fighting Boxer Alien Attack Baseball Alien Invasion MGA-674 Balloon Adventure = Ballonflug = 40 Ice Hockey = 49 Dinosaur Valley Hurricanes Cosmos Charge 4WD Crash American Football Cosmic Quest Baseball Basketball Alien Game Plus Helicopter Rescue Alien Challenge Sport & Action Space Fighter Super Snooker Basketball Balloon Dennis The Menace Dino War Golf Champion Golf Challenge Bank Raid Hero And Princess Acchi Muite Don = Follow the Bear Adventure
Polly Pocket Bedrock Bowl Kung Fu Combat Basketball Baseball MGA-636 Basketball = 25 Invader = Astro Rider = 29 Doctor Who Lemmings Demon & Warrior Back to the Future III Basketball Legend Quest Basketball Boat Racing Desert Race Battle Zone Sport & Action + Formula 1 = Grand Prix Grand Prix Invader Golf Master 2 Boom Finder Pirate Jankenpoi Colorball = Chocoball
Soccer Bowling Melon Mover Combat Attack Car Racing Basketball MGA-646 Cat and Mouse = Busy Cats Moto Cross = Motorbike = 50 Dark Water Mr Blobby Grand Prix Baseball Challenger II Space Falcon Dog Fight Car Racing / Grand Prix Space Track Teeny Weeny Families Neandertal = Préhistoire Invaders = Envahisseurs Tennis Similaire Epoch et Radio Shack Skull Dungeon Katachi Awase Football Game
The Red Arrows Dinosaur Attack = Dinorobot Race Way Space Attack = Space Adventure Invader Ferrari Racing Challenger = 39 Motorboatrunnen = 37 Dungeons & Dragons Puppy Super Kick F1 Racing Football Tank Force Football Soccer Meme forme mais autre marque The Real Ghostbusters Meme forme mais autre marque Tom & Jerry Super Shot Golf Meme forme chez Takara Noddy And Big Ears Ninja
Werner Speedway Military Tank Jet Fighter Drachen Baby = 33 Neandertaler = 30 Toxic Crusaders Reboot Vioter Football Grand Prix Wrestle Quest Formule 1 = Speed Car Spaceman 1_Devil Zone_Space soccer UFO = King of Cosmos Armored Police Metaljack Peachboy Legend The Wombles The Red Arrows
Meme forme mais autre marque Vampire Attack Motorcycle Racing Football = Futtball Match = 24 Superboat WCW Taz Mania OZY Ship Ice Hockey Hockey UFO 2_F1 Racing_Harikiri Tennis
Forme un peu differente
Fuun! Jakomaru Jo
Kiteretsu Daihyakka Soccer Pro Football MGA-670 Formule 1 = 23 Tennis = Return Ace = 31 The Bots Master RZ Fighter Ninja Motocross = Course de Moto 3_Battle Ginga_Sound Pop OVNI Tetsujin 28 GO FX
Tensai Bakabon Submarine World Cup Soccer MGA-658 Ghosties = Dracula = Monster Turtle Slalom = 26 Zool Soccer Space Rescue = Space Shuttle Ninja 4_Tenkuu No Dragon_Janken
Tennis Grand Prix = 36 U-Boat = 35 Tennis Submarine = U Boat Sous Marin = Atlantis 5_Shikkari Chuta_Gambare Kong
Hexen = 34 Volley Ball = 41 The Flintstones : Bedrock Roadchase Tennis Space Jet = Invasion Alien 6_Kurikiri Slot_Onigiri Panic
Ice Dancing = Eis Disco = 44 Wilde Pferde = Chevaux Sauvages = 32 Meme Forme chez Epoch Superballl
Chokkaku Giri Kenzan Tennis
et Epoch et Tandy et Tandy et Epoch et Grandstand et GIG et Serie Pocket Action de MGA et Epoch et Rollet et Epoch et Rollet 5 Fast Fingers et PlayTime et GIG et Hartung et Divers 18 et Divers 16 et GIG et Divers 17 et Divers 5+ Super Pocket Boy - Hiro et GIG et Takara et Yeno et Tandy et Epoch et Hartung